VIDEO Youtube
Video Format
Elements Ratio File type max weight Video max length skip length
Pre-roll skippable 16:9 MP4
10 Mo 
60s 5s
Pre-roll non skippable 16:9 MP4 10 Mo  20s no skip
Bumper 16:9 MP4 10 Mo  6s no skip
Authorized Tracking

Video Format |

Impression Tracking : Pixels image
Click Tracking : Redirect URL

3rd Party Tracking : Use of JavaScript tags for the collection of data not accepted

prioritize sending vast 3.0


We do not accept VPAID redirects on these formats

Possibility to track the IAS viewability but not by VPAID, the viewability integration is done on our side, it is imperative to report it as soon as possible

Available On
  • Youtube

    Delivery Terms


    5 business days before campaign start.

    Any delay in delivery of elements may result in additional delay before the campaign goes live.