Video Format
Elements Dimension File type max weight
Video 640x360 or bigger (16:9) .MP4 6 Mo max accepted
Tech Specs

Video Format |

Duration: 20 seconds recommended
Audio codec : AAC
Video codec : H.264
Audio Bitrate: up to 160 Kbps, up to 48 kHz, stereo audio
Video Bitrate: up to 1.5 Mbps
Frame rate : 30 frames per second

Authorized Tracking

Video Format |

Impression Tracking : Pixels image
Click Tracking : Redirect URL

3rd Party Tracking : Using JavaScript tags for data collection not accepted

We do not accept VAST and VPAID redirects on this format


Available On

Available on : 


Due to GDPR changes, only google tracking is allowed on DFP for european diffusion on our youtube channels, find details below :

==> Classical tracking :

 only google (DCM) allowed


==> Third party pixels :

Only comScore, DoubleVerify, IAS, MOAT, Nielsen, Kantar, and Research Now are allowed


==> For others partners :

Sizmek, Innovid, Flashtalking, Extreme Reach, C3 Metrics, Adform, Weborama, Adocea

Here it is not possible to use these tracking, but customers can retrieve data with campaign connextion to their these third parties..


As this list may change, please contact us in order to ensure the tracking you can use


Delivery Terms of the elements


Deadline :


5 business days before campaign start


Any delay in delivery of elements may result in additional delay before the campaign goes live.


Elements to provide:


  1. The creatives
  2. Redirect or the tracking elements


By default, we accept per insertion order signed*: 1 redirection and 1 tracking element maximum