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300x250 px
Elements Dimension File type max weight
Pavement 300x250 px JPEG, HTML5 2mo
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Tech Specs

300x250 px |

Only one folder level is accepted
HTML file: In the root of the folder. The file should be called index.html
JS FILE: In the root of the folder, in a separate file from the HTML
IMAGES: They must be in a folder. PNG, SVG and PNG grouped in sprite sheet accepted To control the sprite sheet, the JSoundfile should be in the / images folder.
See the technical documentation


The redirect link must be in HTTPS format
The sound is activated at the click or when the mouse passes over it, format of the MP4 video (WEBM possible in backup), max 30sec duration video.
In GIF: Loop animation possible, max 4 frames.
demo http://www.talentgroup.fr/spec/gaumont_pathe_pave_300x250.html

Authorized Tracking

300x250 px |

3rd Party Tracking : Using JavaScript tags for data collection not accepted

Available On
  • Pathé Gaumont

    Clicktag HTML5

    <div onclick="window.open(clickTag)"></div>



    Delivery Terms


    5 business days before campaign start.

    Any delay in delivery of elements may result in additional delay before the campaign goes live.