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Responsive Interstitial
Elements Dimensions File type max weight
Desktop 1280x800px JPEG 250ko
Tablet 960x640px JPEG 250ko
Mobile 640x960px JPEG 250ko
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Interstitial video
Elements Dimension File type max weight
Background 1280x800px JPEG 200ko
Tablet 960x640px JPEG 100ko
Mobile 640x960 JPEG 100ko
Video 16/9 30s max MP4 3Mo
Display the demo  Download Template
Tech Specs

Responsive Interstitial |

We manage the opening and closing of the Interstitial, do not put a close textOn Button.

Important note : The website logo and textOn button must be added to the integration.

Interstitial video |

Player operation :
- The Player will be integrated after validation of background images.
- The video will start at the click on the player area

File naming rule :
- Main web Interstitial :1280x800 pixels - 200 ko - adname.jpg
- Mobile web Interstitial landscape mode: 960x640 pixels - 100ko - adname@2x.jpg
- Mobile web Interstitial portrait mode : 640x920 pixels - 100ko - adname-portrait mode@2x.jpg

Important notes :
- Do not move the player from its location
- At the bottom of the formats, create a Background to your background color
- The presence of AlloCiné Logo and textOn button will be added to the integration and must be present.



Delivery Terms


5 business days before campaign start.

Any delay in delivery of elements may result in additional delay before the campaign goes live.