Interior pages
1024x210 px
Elements Dimension File type max weight
Header 1024x210 px | JPG | PNG | GIF | HTML | Redirect 300ko
Web Tablet range 1280x230 | JPG | PNG | GIF | HTML | Redirect 200ko
Mobile web range 640x200 | JPG | PNG | GIF | HTML | Redirect 170ko
Tech Specs

1024x210 px |

HTML5 : Asynchronous compatibility required : do not use ''document.write()''

If the HTML header is associated with a skin, it must be delivered separately.Possibility of Expand banner, the Closed format being necessarily of height lower than Open format.

We manage the opening and closing of the Expand banner in the event of delivery of Creatives (except script)

In the event of a delivery of Redirect, thank you to provide us only 1.

Duration of the animation of 30s max.

Available On
  • Allociné

    Compatibility https
    Html formats must be compatible https



    <div onclick="window.open(clickTag)"></div>



    Delivery Terms of the elements


    Deadline :


    5 business days before campaign start


    Any delay in delivery of elements may result in additional delay before the campaign goes live.


    Elements to provide:


    1. The creatives
    2. Redirect or the tracking elements


    By default, we accept per insertion order signed*: 1 redirection and 1 tracking element maximum