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Static Format
Elements Dimension File type max weight
Smartphones Banner 640x100 GIF, JPG or PNG 50 Ko max accepted
HTML Format
Elements Dimension File type max weight
HTML Banner Responsive Design Archive .ZIP containing the elements (HTML, JavaScript or CSS) 100 Ko max accepted
Tech Specs

HTML Format |

The main HTML file should be named index.html or index.htm
The index.html or .htm file should be located in the root of the file
Creatives should be able to adapt itself to the device-specific ad containers (640x100)
In order for us to get back the clicks, we must integrate the following function in the HTML code: <a href="sas:click"/>

Authorized Tracking

Static Format | HTML Format |

Impression Tracking : Pixels image
Click Tracking : Redirect URL
3rd Party Tracking : Using JavaScript tags for data collection not accepted

Available On
  • Terrafemina

    Delivery Terms


    5 business days before campaign start.

    Any delay in delivery of elements may result in additional delay before the campaign goes live.