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300x250 px
Elements Dimension File type max weight
Pavement 300x250 px | JPG | PNG | GIF | HTML | Redirect 150ko
Tech Specs

300x250 px |

Sound OFF by default active at the rollover.
Duration of the animation of 30s maximum.

HTML5 : Asynchronous compatibility required : do not use ''document.write()''


Compatibility https
Html formats must be compatible https



<div onclick="window.open(clickTag)"></div>



Delivery Terms of the elements


Deadline :


5 business days before campaign start


Any delay in delivery of elements may result in additional delay before the campaign goes live.


Elements to provide:


  1. The creatives
  2. Redirect or the tracking elements


By default, we accept per insertion order signed*: 1 redirection and 1 tracking element maximum